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Going Green

Going Green

Now this is something I am passionate about! 

We in Crete do not link 'going green' with taxes or surcharges.  Rather, we like to think that it involves more than anything a change of habits and mind.  By returning to our roots and some good old-fashioned values, such as enjoying and caring for the beauty of nature, we re-orientate ourselves to truly green attitudes and ideas.  Food and landscape are central to all this.  By knowing and respecting food, the land, seas and rivers, and the living creatures that it is obtained from, and by appreciating the hard work that is involved all along, we shed some of our modern life paraphernalia and reconnect with our naturally green humanity. 

And what better chance to do so than on holiday!   To get rid of the stress and worries of work and everyday life, to reconnect with the simple joys of life, not to mention dragging ourselves and kids out of the electronic-pet-and-dinosaur-shape-chicken-leg lifestyle... Take a trip to the local taverna or café.  You'll find the locals will want to mix with you, share their food and drink, and their view of the world in general, if their English or your Greek allows!  Take a deep breath of salty sea air, or fragrant hilltop breeze; watch the birds soar in clear skies, or take a bike ride in the countryside, cruise down winding roads, go for a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the sheer pleasure of light.  And if you are more of a hands on person, try line or boat fishing, find out how you can join with the seasonal olive or other fruit and vegetable picking, or see  how olive oil is produced, how feta and other cheeses are made, or sheep are shorn.

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