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Do you require accommodation only, or accommodation with additional services such us onward travel tickets, car rental, boat hire, other trips, etc.?  We can help with all of that and more, and even if we cannot provide the service you are after, we can give you all the necessary information.

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Are you interested in a twin centre or a single location holiday?  We can book accommodation and the relevant tickets where necessary for both.  You may wish to fly into Athens, spend a few days in the capital and then come to Crete by plane or boat.  Or, you may prefer to explore different parts of our island to savour the hub and bustle of the urbane as well as the peace and quiet of unspoilt rural life.  Finally, you might like to consider combining your holiday in Crete with a trip and stay in Santorini, one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands.  The choice is yours.

Villa in Crete
Are you a couple or a family, a group of friends or a group of families, with or without small children?  Take yourself on a flight of fancy; what would be the ideal property for you: A modern villa with own garden and outdoor pool, a hilltop maisonette with a stunning view, a traditionally furnished 19th century town house, a charming cottage or a humble farmhouse surrounded by olive groves, or a comfortable self-catering apartment or room in a seaside hotel? 

All of our self-catering options, both those furnished in a traditional and a contemporary style, feature fully equipped kitchens and modern bathrooms.  A large number of our properties, especially those on the fringes or outside of towns, also have private gardens and outdoor swimming pools.  For your ease of reference and smooth planning, we always specify the approximate distance of our villas from the nearest beach, tavernas and shops.  While most villas are suitable for those seeking privacy and quiet, there are a number of properties located within towns or villages for those enjoying mixing with locals.  Apartments are usually built in complexes or form part of hotels and can accommodate larger groups of guests who wish to spend time together as well as be able to have their own space to relax.  Hotel rooms follow an international rating and have all the comforts and facilities associated with those rating standards.  Most of our properties are child friendly, though some care must be taken near water (general pool sea safety). 

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