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Holiday Plans

Gramvousa Crete

Who says one package fits all???

Long before holiday makers started falling out of love with the cumbersome nature of mass packages, we were already helping our visitors plan their individual holiday.  There is no recipe for how to have an enjoyable holiday, and there is no limit to choices when it comes to planning one; from location to accommodation type, time and length of stay, facilities available or extras that can be booked on request, our experienced staff will be placing our local expertise in your hands. 

Feel free to browse through our website and start planning your next holiday! 

Do take a look at our snapshots of Greece and check out the list of services we offer under Options. Look through the pictures and descriptions of our properties, and try out our different searches and our interactive maps of Greece. Consider the choices: accommodation only, twin centre or single location, time of the year, extra services.   Fine-tune your planning and get in touch with us.   Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, staying for a week-long or longer holiday, wanting to relax or have an extra treat, we will be able to help you choose the right holiday. 

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