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Rethymnon, Crete
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Rethymnon is the capital of the administrative region of Rethymnou, and has a population of just under 32,000.  The town was built by the Venetians very early on during the fourth crusade, and attracted large numbers of artists and scholars fleeing the fallen Byzantine capital of Constantinople.  The massive fortification works were added by the Venetians much later.  Impregnable though it looks, the fortress survived only 23 days of the fierce Turkish attack of 1646 before it succumbed, plunging the province into much feared Ottoman rule.  Walking through the old town you can see everywhere this once uneasy co-existence into what forms this day one of the most surprising skylines.  There is a sandy beach with numerous tavernas and cafés along the promenade.  While in town, stroll through the old quarters, visit the Archaeological Museum, admire the views from the Fortetza (Fortress), and go for a swim.  The Rethymnou district is mountainous, consisting of a valley (Amari) towered on either side by the two highest mountain ranges, Psiloritis (Ida) to the east, and Lefka Ori to the west, ideal for hard core walkers as well as the more gently-hearted botanist or nature lover.  Other places to visit include the beach of Preveli and the historical monastery of Arkadhiou (Moni Arkadhiou).  

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