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how to book in VillasInCrete

Step 1:

After you find the ideal villa to accommodate you for your holidays, select the menu "Availability & Request" (1) or click on the "Book" button (2).

how to book in VillasInCrete

Step 2:

Pick the dates * from the calendar (1). First click on the date you want to check in and then on the date that you will check out.

If the dates are indicated in red they are unavailable.
A yellow background on a date means that it is temporarily marked as unavailable but it may be available after a couple of days!

Then click on the "Book" button(2).

how to book in VillasInCrete

Step 3:

Fill out the form and click on "Proceed" (1). The fields marked with (*) are required. Don't forget to read and agree to the terms and conditions, in order to proceed to Step 4.

how to book in VillasInCrete

Step 4:

After verifying on the table that your reservation details are correct, complete your credit card details and click on the "Send Request" button.

    That's it! The booking process is completed within 4 steps! At this point you have booked your villa and you will soon receive a confirmation email regarding your payment, and another one with your voucher.

    The information you provide will not be used by others and will be protected by our company.

    The transaction is safely transmitted through our PCI certified server using encryption and no credit card information is being stored, therefore your data is safe from any interception .

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