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The Greek Tourist Board sets out three periods in the tourist season all over the country; these are early, mid and high and correspond to lower, middle of the range, and higher tariffs and are loosely defined in the calendar year.  Holiday property owners have some flexibility in setting the individual tariffs and deciding when to start and finish the season and when to set the boundaries across seasons.  Also, any extras such as A/C use, maximum occupancy or under-occupancy differ across properties.  All this and the sheer number of properties that we are managing (approximating the 200 mark) make the comparative presentation of tariffs particularly awkward and not very practical.  Just to give you an example of tariff fluctuation for a three bedroom villa accommodating a maximum of seven: it will cost 85 euros a day if booked in April, May or October (low season), 120 euros a day in June and September (mid season), and 145 euros a day in July-August (high season).  

If your time of holiday is set anyway, and once you have decided how many people need accommodation, we ask you to use the search tools to compare villas of similar size across regions.  If you have a certain degree of flexibility with time, to help you decide, here is some general information on the tariffs range:
As a general rule, the season starts on 1st April and ends on 31st October, though there are a couple of exceptions, extending into November.
For most properties the high season starts on 1st July and finishes on 31st August again with some exceptions by a few days either side of the finishing date.  
The low season breaks down into two parts, one early on in the year and one really late; it starts on 1st April  and lasts for one or two months up to 30th April or 31st May, and restarts for some properties on 1st October or later until the end of the season.
The mid season is where things get complicated-it starts on 1st May or 1st June and finishes in mid June or on 30th June, and then restarts in September lasting up to the end of the month.   

Once you have selected a few properties and dates, please get in touch and we will send you detailed tariff information and any extras promptly!  For those brave souls who don't mind trawling through spreadsheets, we can select all the properties falling within your requirements to help you decide.  

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